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Our computer forensics and e-discovery expert witnesses have been interviewed on national and local news television broadcasts such as CNN as Subject Matter Experts.

Computer Forensic Expert Patrick Paige on News Channel 5

Computer Forensic Expert Patrick Paige on News Channel 5

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The Bellwether Trial (Malibu Media v. Does) – What Have We Learned? My Five Takeaways From the Trial...

Phones to be further examined for video of Bakersfield man's fatal beating...

Computer Forensic Expert Dave Kleiman on CNN - Email Hacking

Computer forensics expert witness Dave Kleiman was featured on CNN In Session discussing the Sarah Palin email hacking case. David Kernell is accused of breaking into Palin's email account by using Yahoo's email password reset utility. In this interview for In Session, Kleiman, author and technical editor of Perfect Passwords, discusses how to use incorrect answers to Yahoo's security questions. By using false answers, it makes it much harder for someone to guess your answer and be able to reset your password. CNN's Vinnie Politan interviewed computer forensics expert Dave Kleiman and discussed how to track down a hacker and how to better protect yourself. Poor passwords are often the weakest link in an otherwise strong security system. Perfect Passwords Book

Computer Forensic Expert Dave Kleiman on CNN - FaceBook

Computer forensics expert witness Dave Kleiman appeared on CNN In Session to discuss the Devonni Benton murder trial. The only person to identify the shooter is Brandon Hall who picked him out from a photo lineup. Apparently Hall sent a Facebook message to Benton's girlfriend stating "I could have been mistaken, but I saw the Mohawk and Devon was the only one.." Hall denied sending the Facebook message. Since Hall denies sending the message (that CNN has a copy of), is it possible that someone hacked into Hall's account and sent the message? Kleiman, says that while it is possible to hack into a Facebook account, it is probably beyond the skill level of the ordinary user. In fact, it is quite possible to prove if Hall is telling the truth by sending a subpoena to Facebook and obtaining the IP addresses used to log into his account. Law enforcement has the power of a criminal subpoena which will get a response within a few days. In civil litigation, a subpoena can provide the same information, but it can take up to 30 days to obtain. An IP address can link a person to a physical address. If it was actually Hall that was logged into his Facebook account at the time the message was sent, it seems likely he was the sender. Conversely, if the IP address recorded by Facebook when the message was sent was not Hall's, then it would cast doubt on the authenticity of the message.

Computer Forensic Expert Dave Kleiman on ABC News - Lake Worth

Computer forensics expert witness Dave Kleiman was featured on ABC News, WPBF 25 Florida, discussing an alleged computer security breach at the City of Lake Worth, Florida. Kleiman conducted an independent analysis of audit logs, security logs, and computers used by ex-employees in an effort to determine if there was unauthorized access. His forensic analysis revealed a lack of evidence indicating that there had been any intrusion. When we examine a computer system to see if it has been 'hacked' or if there are unauthorized access, we will typically examine log files, registry artifacts and other items of forensic interest. Independent expert Kleiman showed that there was no evidence that any computer was wrongfully used to access the city's network. The City of Lake Worth manager Susan Stanton claims that the terminated employees failed to carry out their duties.

Computer ForensicS Expert Dave Kleiman on ABC News - Identity Theft

Computer forensics expert witness Dave Kleiman was featured on ABC News, WPBF 25 Florida, discussing with Alexis Rivera the fact that modern-day copier machines have hard disk drives that could be used for Identity Theft. Often copier machines are leased, and unbeknownst to the user, when the copier is returned, hundreds, sometimes thousands of documents can be retrieved from the copier machine hard disk drives.

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